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Message from the Director

Som Extracts Ltd is a part of Som Varshney group since 1973 and excels in manufacturing of essential oils, carrier oils, aroma chemicals and natural isolates. It is an asset that our company continues to supply a wide range of products to many industries while combing our unique core technologies that are cultivated over many years at a high level of competence. With “Nature, Science and Innovation” as our key values, we are committed to meet our customers’ expectations, innovate and develop new products as per the demand. We continue to strive positively with sustainability as our priority with the help of our team of seasoned and trained professionals.

Ikta Aromatics Ltd.


Shiam C Varshney Late Shiam C Varshney

Late Shiam C Varshney Founder

Sanjay Varshney Sanjay Varshney

Sanjay Varshney Managing Director

Raja Varshney Raja Varshney

Raja Varshney Managing Director

Ishita Varshney Jain Ishita Varshney Jain

Ishita Varshney Jain R&D Head